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Featured Spotlight: Jake Caldwell

Great people from all backgrounds and walks of life find their home at First Financial Group, and Jake Caldwell is no exception. While serving as a pastor for fifteen years in Kentucky and Maryland, he worked to guide all kinds of people through difficult life challenges. Jake discovered a common theme: money was one of the strongest and most integral forces in people's lives.


Jake Caldwell

Posted November 5, 2021

Jake offers holistic financial strategies for individuals and families.
He's passionate about his work because he knows that aligning
your resources with your values and goals is going to bring you peace
and empower you to pursue your best life, knowing that your family
and your future are secure.

Life, Health, and Annuities Agent
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Rob Hawley, LT, USN(Ret)

Posted October 21, 2021

Rob works with individuals and families in the areas of financial
strategies, life and disability insurance, risk management, and
retirement income strategies. He educates clients on the financial
threats they face that can prevent achieving their current and future
goals or could derail their financial life. He also helps clients optimize
their wealth building potential with balance and diversification.
Each client is unique to Rob, so his personal approach helps identify
and implement solutions based on their specific situation.

Financial Representative
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Kate Reilly, CLU®, ChFC®, RICP®

Posted September 9, 2021

Kate Reilly is a Financial Advisor with over thirty-two years of experience.
As a child, Kate remembers tagging along with her father on industry
conventions all over the world, and eventually helping him in his
financial practice. What she realized was that he was helping people
live better lives, and it was her admiration for him and determination
to follow in his footsteps that brought her to her own
career in financial services.

Financial Representative, Registered Representative,
Financial Advisor
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Mo Rowe

Posted August 24, 2021

With over twenty-nine years' experience in helping his clients
live their best financial lives, Mo’s philosophy is simple. He teaches
his clients how to maximize their financial confidence and move
towards their ultimate goal of financial independence.

Financial Representative, Registered Representative,
Financial Advisor 
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Laura Hearn

Posted August 5, 2021

Laura is a lifelong member of the military community and a
staunch advocate of financial empowerment for women.
She has been a valued Financial Specialist at FFG for
two years now, and in her Spotlight video, she tells us
a bit about why she loves working in financial services.

Financial Specialist
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Drew Thorsten

Posted July 27, 2021

Drew's philosophy is simple: educate, empower, and enhance.
He teaches his clients how to maximize their financial confidence
and move towards their ultimate goal of financial freedom.

Financial Representative
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Patrick McNamara

Posted June 4, 2021

Following military service, Patrick joined FFG through our VETSTEPS
program. He is thrilled to have found a place at FFG with like-minded
people who are looking to help others through financial planning.

Financial Representative
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Jack Voight

Posted May 11, 2021

Jack strives to help his clients reach a point of financial
confidence through the creation and implementation
of an unique financial strategy designed around asset
protection and the maximization of savings and cash flow.

Financial Representative
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Alyssa Evering

Posted April 14, 2021

Alyssa Evering is dedicated to helping individuals and families create and implement a financial strategy built around their unique goals and needs,
designed to maximize their wealth and provide protection against
unpredictable risks.

Financial Representative
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Daniel D. Blazejewski

Posted February 25, 2021

Dan Blazejewski, a recent 2019 University of Scranton graduate,
has been in the financial industry for two years now. He recently
joined Meridian Financial Associates, and is beyond excited to
tell you why, and the wonderful things that we're doing here.

Financial Professional