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As of today, you're different.

<strong>The things you value in a career are different.&#160;</strong>

The things you value in a career are different. 

There’s been a big shift in the career value system over the past decade or so. People are no longer just searching for a way to make a living from a career. They’re looking for ways to make a career from how they like to live – placing higher value on the quality and type of work they’re doing, while seeking opportunities to address soulful challenges that elevate their self-worth in line with their net worth. 

You want to help people live better lives. You also want to:

Solve complex real-world challenges.

Work with others who are passionately like-minded and collaborative.

Have professional autonomy and personal flexibility, yet have the opportunity to create a very lucrative revenue stream.

<strong>Helping&#160;people achieve lifelong financial balance.</strong>

Helping people achieve lifelong financial balance.

A pretty simple "why" can transform a job into a purpose-driven career.  It isn't an easy career, but we will invest heavily in your mastery of the proven strategies and systems that drive success for our clients.  Our Protection-first philosophy is powerful because it’s logical. We’ll teach you how to use that logic to go well beyond insurance – to holistic advisory solutions that help your clients achieve total financial balance. The hub of your work will be The Living Balance Sheet®, Guardian’s proprietary planning tool, which gives you a powerfully interactive way to organize, visualize and manage clients’ enduring wealth. And, it gives them the confidence to make key decisions that can change their lives.

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