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Patrick McNamara

Patrick McNamara

7101 Wisconsin Ave.
Suite 1200
Bethesda, MD 20814
P. 701.610.3170

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Why Financial services: Finances became a stressful part of my life as I got further into my adulthood. In the back of my mind, I had so many questions such as will I ever be able to retire; am I saving enough money; should I pay off college debt first or should that money be going elsewhere; and will I lose all my money if I invest? I would push these thoughts aside and tell myself that I would deal with them later. Finally, I decided that I needed to educate myself on these issues and come up with a plan. The more I educated myself, the more confident I became in a stable financial future. I began coming up with a plan for each aspect of my finances and could feel the stress slowly start to ease.  I then started to share the lessons I had learned with others and realized that this was more than just an area of interest for me and something that I would love to do for a living. That is when I started to look at Financial Professional positions and soon found FFG. I am excited to start helping people plan for a more stable financial future!  

Why FFG: I had looked at a potential career in finance in the past, but something about the financial firms I had contacted turned me off. I could not exactly put my finger on it, but there seemed to never be a consistent message from any firm. I would speak to different people and they would all have different stories of what they felt their firm did. When I found FFG, I first spoke with Trey Dudley out of the Virginia Beach office and really connected to what he was saying. From there, I spoke with several more FFG reps and found that they all had the same message and sentiment. We’re here to help people. I feel like I have found a place with like-minded people who are looking to help others through financial planning. This clear message in conjunction with the VETSTEPS program (a mentorship that pairs veterans entering into a financial services career with established financial professionals) made me that much more eager to join FFG.

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Patrick was born in Bethesda, MD while his dad was stationed in Quantico as a Marine Officer. He lived in Grand Forks, ND playing baseball, hockey, soccer, and golf. He grew up in an active and fun-loving household and is the second oldest of four children. He attended the University of North Dakota and transferred to the University of Arizona to finish his degree in 2012.     

After college, Patrick lived in South Lake Tahoe where he enjoyed snowboarding and going out on the lake when it warmed up.  From there, Patrick moved around southern California and had jobs at Ecolab and FedEx. Not being fulfilled with the jobs he had and wanting to do more for others, he joined the Marine Corps in 2015 as an officer and became an infantry officer (like both his dad and brother). Patrick was stationed in Camp Pendleton, CA and was deployed on the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit where he was sent to Japan and Australia on a Navy ship.  

After 4 years, Patrick got out of the Marine Corps and joined his fiancée in Washington DC. In the hopes of continuing to serve his community, Patrick took a job at KPMG as a Federal Consultant. During the COVID lockdown, he did a deep dive into the personal finance world and educated himself in his own financial situation and future planning. During this time, Patrick realized that he could combine his passion for helping people and how much he enjoyed financial planning to make a great career. He found the VETSTEPS program, and the rest is history. 


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