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Stephen H. Hodson 

Financial Professional

8444 Westpark Dr., Suite 900
McLean, VA 22102

p. 703. 394. 7172
c. 703.408.3749
f 703.448.9575 

Steve and his wife Sue met as Peace Corps Volunteers in Thailand and live in Arlington, Virginia – close enough to spend lots of time with their grandchildren in McLean. Steve considers himself a general practitioner who hones in on retirement planning, general financial planning and special needs planning. 

With strong communication abilities, attention to detail, and the will to put in the work, Stephen brings an immense skill set to the table. He is truly passionate about his work and enjoys helping pave the path to help clients simplify life to enjoy their interests. 

Steve grew up with a love for all sports and helping others, and has been involved with coaching and non profits for as long as he can remember. Steve has been a full season ticket holder with the Washington Nationals since they arrived in 2005. Steve is a retired Special Olympics Basketball and Challengers Baseball Coach. In his free time, he also volunteers at the ARC of Northern Virginia as a Special Care Planner. 

Steve’s favorite moment in the non-profit world? Being involved with financial planning for the Wounded Warrior Project! Check it out Here.

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<p class="p2"><span><i>&#160;</i></span><i>Financial Planning<span>&#160;</span></i>

 Financial Planning 

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<p class="p2"><span><i>&#160;</i></span><i>Planning for the Future of Children and Other Dependents with Special Needs<span>&#160;</span></i>

 Planning for the Future of Children and Other Dependents with Special Needs 

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<p class="p2"><span><i>&#160;</i></span><i>Retirement Strategies; Pension Payout Alternatives<span>&#160;</span></i>

 Retirement Strategies; Pension Payout Alternatives 

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 Lump Sum
Distribution Analysis 

 Financial Needs Analysis 

 Long-Term Care Insurance 


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