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What is keeping women from considering a sales career?

Women value work life balance. People in sales generally make their own hours by strategically managing their schedules. A career in sales can provide incredible flexibility for achieving work life balance without limiting earning potential. So, sales seems like a natural fit, right? Unfortunately, because of because of dated stereotypes and a great fear of the unknown, women won't usually consider sales as a possible career path.

So where's the disconnect?

There are many reasons for women to consider entrepreneurship in a financial career at First Financial Group.  But, cultural typecasting, earning gaps, lack of vision on the part of corporations, even sell-inflicted barriers get in the way. Take a look at this chart that explains why women just don't think of a career in sales. Sometimes, all it takes is a change in perspective to take your career to the next level.

1  Closing the Gender Gap in Sales, Guardian Life, September 2015
All statistics in graphic are from Closing the Gender Gap in Sales, Guardian Life, September 2015
* Data points are among women who have not considered a job in sales

Change your perspective, change your world. 

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