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Why do so many of our Financial Representatives stay?

There are reasons for the industry-leading retention rate.  One of the most important aspects of any job is that the company you work for supports you and is committed to growing your career. As a Financial Representative with us, you have the backing of a Fortune 250 Company.  Our Financial Representatives stay longer – much longer. This is no accident. We devote a great deal of thought and effort to making sure that our Financial Representatives are happy with us. The figures speak for themselves. 

<strong>Freedom to run your own practice, with the backing of a Fortune 250 company</strong>

Freedom to run your own practice, with the backing of a Fortune 250 company

We provide our Financial Representatives with the know-how, resources, and quality financial products needed to establish a successful business. We are here to provide all the training and support you’ll need to get your practice off to a fast start. As a trusted Financial Representative, you’ll be directly in charge of your own career and you’ll have the independence to control your own schedule. 

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