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Corey Jones

Financial Advisor
5544 Greenwich Rd. Unit 303
Virginia Beach, VA 23464
Phone: 757-648-0614

I became a Financial Advisor so I could help individuals and businesses do everything in their power never to suffer financial failure. My main goal is to eliminate the worries and stress of “what could derail my success?” in my clients' lives, and help guide them toward a better financial future.

Prior to joining First Financial Group, I worked in business accounting and finance. I gained practical, firsthand experience in how overwhelming it can be to operate a business, and how intertwined your business finances are with your personal finances. Using this knowledge, I help individuals create a cohesive network to ensure their individual and business finances work toward the same goals. Going beyond personal success, I also help in areas like maximizing employee benefits, tax and risk mitigation, executive benefits, retirement plans, income protection, key person strategy, and much more to help achieve your goals.

My home is Virginia Beach, where my family has been for several generations. They have owned a local business for the last fifty years, so I know all too well the trials and tribulations that come with owning a business. Outside of the office, I love to spend time outdoors, so you will most likely find me playing golf, fishing, hunting, or enjoying time with friends. I am an active member in the Old Dominion University and Cape Henry Collegiate Alumni Associations, where I enjoy giving back to those communities. I am an active member of London Bridge Baptist Church, and several volunteer organizations in the area.

I have strategic partnerships with several attorneys, CPAs, and other professionals in the financial space to help you with whatever you may need!

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Our team brings over 30 years of business planning know-how. We understand the challenges you face and offer strategies and services to help you optimize the value of your business and live a great financial life.

<strong>A Protection First Philosophy</strong>

A Protection First Philosophy

Protecting what you have now and into the future is the foundation of financial strategies at First Financial Group. 

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