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Hundreds of Flint Children Don’t Fear Washing their Hands, Thanks to One 7-Year-Old Boy

| February 19, 2016
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It was over dinner a few weeks ago, when Isiah Britt’s parents first told him about the Flint lead water crisis. They explained to their son how the the kids were getting sick from the contaminated water, which they could no longer drink.  Seven-year-old Isiah was moved and informed his parents that he wanted to help.

Initially Isiah wanted to help by sending bottled water to an elementary school, however he was told by Eisenhower Elementary that what they really needed was hand sanitizer because the children were afraid to wash their hands. 

In 2 days, he had raised enough money to send a dispenser to every classroom in the school. His dad (Kensley Dougan, who is a member of our Guardian family from the Reston office) convinced Purell to match his efforts and send liter bottles for every classroom, as well as mini-bottles for the kids to carry with them. He's now raising money to do the same for other elementary schools in Flint.

"It doesn't matter if you're small, you can do something big."- Isiah Britt

Click Here to Donate to Isiah's GoFundMe page. 

Click Here to read the Washington Post's expansive article on Isiah and his mission.

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