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LinkedIn Improves the Recruitment of Potential Clients By:

<strong>Filtering potential clients by industry</strong>

Filtering potential clients by industry

This helps bring out only the relevant prospective clients.

<strong>Expanding the referral network</strong>

Expanding the referral network

Helps connect both potentially responsive and unresponsive clients through lead generation.

<strong>Identification of prospective triggers</strong>

Identification of prospective triggers

Triggers are used to educate and create a reason for a subsequent need.

Social Media Specialization is Key to Success for Financial Advisors

Successful financial advisors have found ways to create demand for their services. They always have access to a steady stream of ideal prospects and clients. Think about the most successful financial advisors you know. What makes them different? They have experience, a refined process, and competent staff. What else differentiates them from the rest? Chances are you will realize that they are known for their expertise with a certain advanced planning strategy. A few concentrate their energy on the distribution of a specialized niche product. Many focus on serving the needs of business owners and executives in a particular industry or profession.

<strong>Advantages of Specialization</strong>

Advantages of Specialization

Promoting yourself as someone with a highly specialized skill, service, or product gives your existing clients, other financial advisors, and influencers explicit reasons to introduce you. By becoming known for something unique, you enable your referral partners to tell others why and how connecting with you will benefit them! The sale becomes more or less a formality. The question no longer is “if”, but “how”, “what”, or “when” a particular product or service is bought.

Limited Competition

Once a prospect comes to conclude that the specialist has something unique to offer, all or most competition has already been eliminated. The purchaser is convinced that he or she is in excellent hands - and is unlikely to look elsewhere.

Becoming a Specialist Serving an Industry or Profession

A focus on a specific industry or profession makes it much easier to gain access to a steady stream of referrals. From a financial advisor's perspective, a good industry is one that facilitates the development of many small and medium sized businesses. Business owners in these professions require competent financial advice on many fronts. They prefer to work with financial advisors who are familiar with the intricacies of their profession and can engage in industry speak.

Fear of Specialization

Most financial advisors strongly resist the thought of specialization. It's against everything they have been taught. They want to reach the maximum possible audience. If your goal is to thrive in the financial services industry, specialization is not an option; it is a requirement. The only legitimate question is what to specialize in.

<strong>Existing Access to an Industry or Profession</strong>

Existing Access to an Industry or Profession

Do you have ready access to a specific industry or profession? Do you have a family member, close friend, mentor, coach, or former teacher who can help you gain your footing in their profession? Would they be willing to introduce you to other members of their tribe? Would they help you join their local association, perhaps as an associate member? You might be accepted to the association's membership committee. Your task would be to build favorable relationships with existing members and recruit new ones. Perfect!

<strong>Education Based Specialization</strong>

Education Based Specialization

Do you have a unique educational degree or experience? If rep has a degree in agricultural finance, they should prominently display that unique educational background on the first two lines of his LinkedIn profile, to give it maximum visibility. They can then use LinkedIn messages to reach out to farmers, with their communication offering customized advice to even out the uneven cash flows commonly experience by farmers.

<strong>Cultural or Linguistic Ties</strong>

Cultural or Linguistic Ties

Do you speak a foreign language? Are you in-tune with another culture? Example: An advisor who is the son of an Albanian immigrant family in the Midwest. He speaks Albanian and is very much in tune with Albanian culture. There are several thousand Albanian business owners in the state where he is licensed. What will his career look like if he chooses to specialize in serving the needs of the Albanian business owner community? Would he face any credible competitive threats?



Hobbies can easily be turned into specialty for financial advisors. Let's say you are a private pilot. You'd know that life insurance companies may assesses an extra premium for pilots. You also know that our industry has wide-ranging interpretations of what extra premium, if any, a private pilot should be assessed. Pricing varies by type of pilot's license and aircraft, experience, and anticipated flying going forward, etc. You would be exceptionally well positioned to advertise your unique knowledge and experience to the private pilot community. How many thousands are there in state(s) in which you are licensed? Is anyone pursing them already by offering customized solutions that address their specific needs?

<strong>Career Changers - Professionals</strong>

Career Changers - Professionals

Career changers entering financial services can quickly and easily identify optimized financial solutions, based on their insider knowledge of their prior industry or profession. If you are a career changer and former business owner in an industry or profession, it will be very easy for you to attract ideal prospects, based on your personal prior experience.

<strong>Career Changers - Large Employers</strong>

Career Changers - Large Employers

Advisors who enter financial services after leaving a large local employer could decide to focus on serving the needs of their former colleagues. They could advise existing (and incoming) employees on the best way to maximize the benefits offered by the employer - and supplement in areas where the employer's benefits package falls short. As employees retire, the advisor is well positioned to offer insights into repositioning 401(k) balances into well-diversified IRAs. What a wonderful opportunity for the financial advisor to start a conversation about insurance and retirement savings options for new business owners!

<strong>Endless Possibilities</strong>

Endless Possibilities

As you can imagine, the possibilities for specialization are nearly endless.

Think about your unique background and experiences. What differentiates you from everyone else? You can probably come up with a very unique combination of attributes. They define who you are. They also define the key characteristics of your most accessible target market. You will be able to capture their attention, because you can communicate with them at their exact frequency. As an insider, you can quickly build trust, based on common experiences, expectations, and values.

Once you've developed your unique brand, you can easily leverage the newest technology, including increasingly effective artificial intelligence, to access and cultivate your target market.


<strong>Finding Connections</strong>

Finding Connections

- Type the search criteria in the “Search” bar, for example, job title, name of school, company, etc.
- Select “People”
- Select “Connections,” 2nd  AND 3rd
- Select “Locations”
- Select “All Filters” Scroll through the list of profiles and Press “People” icon to the right to send an invite

Find Ideal Connections- Who to Invite?

An ideal industry or profession is one that facilitates the ownership of numerous closely held small and medium sized businesses. Consider the following trades to target:

Attorneys (law firms are ideal… think of partners as owners)

Auto dealers, repair shops, maintenance (e.g. Jiffy Lube franchise owners)

Building owners – commercial, strip malls, office buildings


Construction companies



Hotel/motel owners


Nurses - many are independent contractors




Physical therapists


Real estate agents

Residents (recent  graduates learning a specialty in a hospital setting)


Restaurant owners / high end boutiques to small, regional chains, fast food franchise owners

Retail store owners (those who own multiple stores and have a management team)

<strong>Mine your Connections' Connections</strong>

Mine your Connections' Connections

There are a few ways to search for potential client acquisitions on LinkedIn. Connecting with existing clients on the platform and asking for introductions is one of the most powerful strategies, but how you do this is important. More than seven out of 10 high net worth investors say they become uncomfortable when asked for general referrals. On the other hand, a similar percentage of investors say they are more than happy to introduce you to specific people they know if asked. The distinction may seem minor, but asking “who do you know?” means the investor has to figure out which introductions would be best.

<strong>Create Introduction Lists for your Centers of Influence (COIs)</strong>

Create Introduction Lists for your Centers of Influence (COIs)

You want to come prepared. Start asking “Who on this list would you recommend me to” or “Who on this list could you introduce me to…”

> Click on See Connections
> Click on All Filters
> Use the Filters to Identify Introduction Opportunities
> Click Ctrl 'P' and save to PDF to Print Your List

<strong>Improve your LinkedIn Searches with Boolean Operators</strong>

Improve your LinkedIn Searches with Boolean Operators

What is Boolean?
Boolean, named after 19th century mathematician George Boole, is a method of Internet searching designed to help narrow your search and generate more precise results. When you use Boolean search operators on LinkedIn, you are able to search the entire LinkedIn universe, not just your network. Also, LinkedIn’s Boolean searches look at a user’s entire profile, including the summary and headline.

How does it work?
Boolean uses “connectors” to make your search more accurate, such as:


To refine your prospecting for business owners, use Boolean operators in the LinkedIn search window, Enter: 

CEO AND president OR “sole proprietor”

<strong>ACTION STEP: Start Sending Connection Requests to Ideal Specialized Prospects</strong>

ACTION STEP: Start Sending Connection Requests to Ideal Specialized Prospects

Using the guidelines and instructions
outlined on this page, start inviting
 25 new people to connect 
on a daily basis, 4 times a week.


<strong>Grow Your Business Page Followers&#160;</strong>

Grow Your Business Page Followers 

  1. Log into your personal Facebook account
  2. If you don't see your Business Page, click See More in the menu on the left, then click Pages
  3. On your Business Page homepage, at the top-left locate the box titled Invite Friends to Like Your Page and click on See All Friends
  4. You can either Select All, or you can cherry-pick names by clicking the box to the right.
  5. Click Send Invites
<strong>Join Groups &#38; Follow Pages</strong>

Join Groups & Follow Pages

  1. Find a group to join.
  2. Click on the “Join Group” button.
  3. Select the Page you want to join as.
  4. Depending on the rules of the group, you may need to answer questions prior to submitting your membership request for approval.
  5. If your membership is approved, you officially have access to post in the group.

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