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Axiom is the intensive coaching program which serves as the introduction to FFG's Accelerator. New advisors to the industry will acquire a deep, philosophical understanding of what they truly accomplish for people. Further, they will learn the practical components that determine client engagement and the tactics to produce the most powerful outcomes. Finally, advisors will advance with confidence and the foundation on which to build a successful, enduring business.

"The purpose of setting goals is to win the game. The purpose of building systems is to continue playing the game. True long-term thinking is goal-less thinking. It’s not about any single accomplishment. It is about the cycle of endless refinement and continuous improvement. Ultimately, it is your commitment to the process that will determine your progress.”

- Atomic Habits by James Clear

Week 1- Theory

Why Axiom?
What is required of me?
How can I be successful in Axiom?
What do we accomplish for others?
What business are we not in?
What business are we in?
Where do we start?
How does action occur?
What does having avoided failure look like?
How do we assess a person’s circumstances?
What are the possible paths?
What action should be taken?

Week 2- Application

What type of interaction am I having?
What is the construct of a meeting?
What meeting am I conducting?
What am I there to accomplish?
What concept is critical to impart?
What are the possible outcomes?
"What do you do?"
What happens next?



"I've learned more these past two weeks with the process and language in this business than I have in the 3 months that I've been working. Thank you for what you have taught me. I've already started using it with clients and it has changed the way my meetings are held."
- New Advisor

“The Axiom program content is excellent. It contains the building blocks an Advisor needs to develop a quality, high-activity business. Axiom provides a proven methodology and powerful language needed to help clients make the right decisions. This program is much more than just high-quality content. It gives Advisors access to one of the best teachers and coaches this industry has ever produced. I highly recommend the Axiom for any producer regardless of their time in the business.”
- General Agent

“I wish my first day in this career began with Axiom. It gets to the core of what we as advisors help people accomplish and outlines how to do so. It is unlike any agency training I have attended in the past – and will prove to have a much greater impact on my business this year than all previous trainings combined. I believe it is a great career kick-off training for new advisors as well as a must attend opportunity for experienced advisors. It will force you to rethink the way you understand and approach your business.”
- New Advisor

“Axiom helped me start to develop my language, my courage, and my professional creativity. I learned how to be forward thinking and convey financial goals to clients, and become process oriented instead of results focused. I’m looking forward to taking part in more Axiom trainings in the future.”
- New Advisor

Action Steps & Pre-Requisites

You will be asked to read, or reread, the books below. There are several options online for audio, kindle, paper, etc.

In times when we want to acquire a new skill or face a formidable challenge we hope to overcome, what we need most are patience, focus, and discipline, traits that seem elusive or difficult to maintain. In this enticing and practical book, Thomas Sterner demonstrates how to learn skills for any aspect of life, from golfing to business to parenting, by learning to love the process.

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Drawing on Zen philosophy and his expertise in the martial art of aikido, bestselling author George Leonard shows how the process of mastery can help us attain a higher level of excellence and a deeper sense of satisfaction and fulfillment in our daily lives.

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