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Are you getting the most from your CSRS/FERS benefits?

As a Federal employee, you have access to an excellent pension and benefits package.  But, one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to financial strategies for you and your family. Knowing the right thing to do now for your future can sometimes be challenging.  Optimizing and enhancing your benefits can help protect the financial well being of your family and enrich your life in more


When examining their TSP, most employees pay especially close attention to their asset allocation, and frequently fail to realize that the asset location is equally as important to their eventual outcome.  Risk tolerance, time horizon, suitability, and market conditions should all be carefully considered when choosing funds, however tax strategies can have just as much impact on your net worth more


Protection: does supplementing your FEGLI Benefits make sense for you?

There's no substitute for Life Insurance when it comes to protecting your loved ones.  By ensuring that they’ll be provided for in the event of unexpected circumstances, you’re taking care of them no matter what.  FEGLI is the Federal Employee Group Life Insurance program.  It provides Federal workers a guaranteed issue life insurance option with the ability to purchase additional life insurance on themselves and on their spouse and children.  If you are in good health, the private market is a great way to enhance your FEGLI protection.  But, did you know you can also use life insurance to build your life and create lasting assets? more

Understanding your Disability Benefits

One of the most misunderstood and underutilized benefits for Federal Employees is their Disability Coverage.  Under the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS), a Federal employee who becomes disabled must first use all of their accrued sick leave to qualify.  Once qualified, they would then receive 60% of their highest three-year average income for one year, and 40% thereafter.   One thing that many people forget to factor in, is that disability income is fully taxable.  Could you maintain your current lifestyle at 40% of your present pay?  Now, subtract what you would pay for taxes.  Unless you have other strategies in place to close the gap, it's not a pretty more