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New Baby

Sleep like a baby, knowing this precious 

life is protected...come what may.

Parenthood is a game changer. Suddenly, it’s not just about your own financial interests anymore. Caring for and protecting this helpless, tiny being will keep you up at night in more ways than one! If you’re expecting, you’ll want to talk to your Financial Representative about life insurance and disability insurance. Ensuring that your little one is provided for should you become ill or are injured and can no longer work is one thing that will certainly help you sleep easier.

We can also help answer some of your pre-Bundle-of-Joy questions, including:

What child care expenses might be tax deductible?

What health insurance plan should I choose?

Should I open a flexible spending account?

Are there child tax credits for which I might qualify?

What are the implications of taking maternity/paternity leave from work?

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Raising Healthy Children

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Do Your Kids Know The Value of a Silver Spoon?

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<p>Planning for All Families</p>

Planning for All Families

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