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Kelvin Carvana

Financial Services Professional
7101 Wisconsin Ave, Suite 1200
Bethesda, MD 20814
Phone: 202-422-3947

Retirement planning is an intricate balance of steps and exercises designed to balance your retirement goals and dreams with your financial strategies. Additionally, it involves addressing the often-overlooked importance of a well-structured tax plan and ongoing retirement plan review. As your situation naturally changes throughout your lifetime, so should your retirement plan. That being said, we always have to take care to protect your single greatest asset: you.

Properly structured life insurance, disability income coverage, and high-quality long-term care insurance are important components of a balanced financial plan. Retirement readiness can depend on both financial and non-financial considerations. Before making the decision to retire, you’ll want to revisit your values, vision and goals, reevaluate your financial position and your ability to fund your ideal future, and reorient if necessary if things have changed significantly from your original plan.

I have two sons: Lawrence and Joseph. Lawrence is currently attending James Madison University pursuing a degree in Architecture, and Joseph is attending George Mason University and was accepted into their Computer Game Design BFA. Outside of the office, I am a member of the Retired Military Officers Association, for which I serve on the Fundraising Committee. I also serve on the Fundraising Golf Committee of the Rehabilitation, Reform and Reentry Resources Non Profit (R4).

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<strong>A Protection First Philosophy</strong>

A Protection First Philosophy

Protecting what you have now and into the future is the foundation of financial strategies at First Financial Group. 

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