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Katie Kress

Katie Kress

Financial Representative
7101 Wisconsin Avenue Suite 1200
Bethesda, MD 20814
(301) 655-0970

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Katie joined First Financial Group in October 2018. As a new member to the firm, she has really enjoyed her experience thus far with First Financial Group. As a new Financial Representative, FFG's philosophy and approach make it easy for clients to restore organization and clarity into their financial situation. FFG's 5 step process works to simplify financial strategies and help our clients leave us feeling confident and mastered in their financial lives.

Katie assists individuals, business owners and professionals on all aspects of their financial lives; making sure that they are fully protected and in the best possible position to succeed financially. One thing she enjoys about the planning process at First Financial Group is the strong focus and foundation on Cash Flow. Katie believes FFG's philosophy and approach are unique and something she is proud to be a part of.

Katie is involved in the National Women's Organization that focuses on empowering and lobbying for Women's rights on Capitol Hill. As a woman, these rights are something that are very important to her and she wants to help speak up on behalf of those who cannot or do not have the opportunity.

As a DC area local, Katie grew up in Bethesda before heading down South to East Carolina University for college. After college, she moved back to DC and started working for a local event planning company for two years before joining First Financial. Katie enjoys the financial services industry and loves to help people! Every client has different goals or problems they are looking to solve, and Katie wants to help bring unique and customized solutions to the table for them

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Business Strategies

Business Strategies

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Personal Strategies

Personal Strategies

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Living Confidently

Living Confidently

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The Living Balance Sheet®

The Living Balance Sheet®

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Financial Representative of the Guardian Life Insurance Company of America (Guardian), New York, NY. First Financial Group is not an affiliate or subsidiary of Guardian.

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