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Johnathan Munoz

Financial Professional
1593 Spring Hill Road, Suite 500 East
Vienna, VA 22182-2245
Phone: 516-668-0538

Johnathan Munoz is a financial services professional based in Northern Virginia. Prior to joining First Financial Group, he worked in banking and small business lending. He was also a professional baseball player.

Johnathan became a financial professional so he could have the opportunity to educate families on how to protect their children, and to provide them with confidence regarding their overall financial outlook. He takes great care to ensure that his clients are financially protected so they can provide for their families and continue to build a legacy. Having been raised by a single parent, he knows firsthand the sacrifice and struggle it takes to raise a family and the importance of protecting them. He is passionate about the financial services industry because it allows him to change the lives of many families in a deeply impactful way.

A true turning point of his career was the birth of his daughter, Mia, with his partner Jovelyn Rivera. It gave him clarity regarding what he was truly passionate about, and instilled in him a desire to help make an impact on the lives of as many families as possible. His daughter has made him the father and person he is today, and is his greatest source of motivation in his pursuit of professional success. He regards family as priority #1, and spending time with them is priceless.

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<strong>A Protection First Philosophy</strong>

A Protection First Philosophy

Protecting what you have now and into the future is the foundation of financial strategies at First Financial Group. 

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