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We are a professional services firm focused on helping employers of all sizes design, implement and manage their employer-sponsored benefits packages. Through a trusted process, we guide clients through innovative strategies to deliver benefits in a way that meets and exceeds their goals. From the simplicity of securing insurance to the sophistication of managing risk - our ecosystem of tools and technologies allow employers to succeed in managing benefits and balance the needs of employees with the needs of the business.


<strong>Employee Benefits Consulting &#38; Plan Management</strong>

Employee Benefits Consulting & Plan Management

When you offer a quality health insurance plan as an employee benefit, it is a simple and effective step any employer can take to attract talented employees and reward current ones. Giving employees health benefits also delivers a range of benefits to the employer, such as increasing productivity, boosting morale, and helps to shape a positive culture within the company.
Employers have the option of offering a range of health plans; generally, group health benefits will usually come in the form of:

  • Basic health benefits – inpatient and outpatient care, dependent coverage, inclusions of pre-existing conditions
  • Additional benefits – maternity coverage, vision and dental insurance
  • Extended benefits – immunizations, general wellness and mental health support

The main reason for offering a complete medical insurance plan to employees is to help protect and support their health and well-being, so they can remain active members of the company. Employees greatly value health coverage, as paying for it out of pocket is hugely expensive. Let our benefits consultants help you offer them the best package at a rate you both can afford.

<b>Employee Financial Wellness</b>

Employee Financial Wellness

People work hard to make the most of their income and create momentum with their money — amidst a lot of financial clutter, and often without the benefit of a clear-cut financial strategy. So, what if life doesn't go as planned? What if you don't save as much as you thought you would? Or your investments don't produce as you had hoped? Or unexpected losses or expenses pop up (career, education, health, home, car), as they often do? Wealth Steps is a Company Sponsored Financial Wellness Program that can help your employees achieve financial balance.

<strong>Voluntary Benefits</strong>

Voluntary Benefits

Recruiting the right people starts with a great benefits package. A comprehensive package that includes not only regular health benefits, but voluntary options such as life, supplemental health, disability and critical illness insurance. Offering this complete package not only attracts and keeps new talent, but keeps your current employees engaged through education by communicating new options and offering easy enrollment. We can help by conducting a comprehensive benefits gap analysis to design a top-notch benefits program that supports not only your employees, but your business needs. Creating communication strategies of employees’ satisfaction of their package and continuous refinement of future packages leads to more participation, and ultimately, happier employees. Every employee is unique, and offering these voluntary benefits will help ensure everyone is adequately covered.


Rob Hawley,&#160;LT, USN(Ret)

Rob Hawley, LT, USN(Ret)

Financial Representative
5544 Greenwich Road Suite 303
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
(757) 387-3537

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<b>Business Strategies &#38; Risk Planning</b>

Business Strategies & Risk Planning

Simply put, strategic risks are those that a company takes that could potentially result in a major loss. A company that has superior and unmatched products or services will still fail if their customers no longer want them. Strategic risk management is the process of identifying, quantifying, and mitigating any risk that affects a company’s business strategy, objectives, and execution. Whether that is a buy/sell agreement, key person insurance, or other such factors, let us help you identify, understand, manage and mitigate the risk.

<b>Personal Strategies &#38; Risk Planning</b>

Personal Strategies & Risk Planning

Defining personal strategies and risk assessment is a fact of life. We may not like it, but it’s not going away. Let our experienced team guide you through a proven system allowing your employees to assess and determine their own needs and develop a comprehensive personal strategy. This includes, but it not limited to, life insurance packages, investing in mutual funds, and planning for education. Whatever your employee’s future plans are in life; we can help you offer them the support they need.


Experienced professionals to help you manage the complexities of employer sponsored benefits packages

In depth knowledge of Benefits Administration - Payroll -HRIS - Mobile platforms

Insights into the components needed and the integration to properly manage health plan costs

Part of a national advisory platform that provides deep insights into business risk planning and advocacy

Structured account management built on platform (#1 CRM)

Neither Guardian nor its subsidiaries issue health/medical insurance, employee benefits or voluntary benefits. Guardian and its subsidiaries do not endorse or have any direct or indirect responsibility with respect to Employee Benefits Consulting & Plan Management.

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